The Deutschlandticket Sozial

From now on for 39 euros.

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The Deutschlandticket Sozial

Valid for travel throughout the country for only 39 euros.

What is the Deutschlandticket Sozial?

Just like the regular Deutschlandticket, this is a subscription that can be cancelled each month. Local public transport anywhere in Germany can be used with this ticket.

Deutschlandticket Chipkarte

What is special about this ticket is that this is a reduced rate: the Deutschlandticket Sozial costs only 39 euros per month – 10 euros less than the Deutschlandticket, and the benefits are the same.

It requires proof of entitlement that can be issued by the authority of the respective place of residence, as with the SozialTicket.

Chipkarten Deutscnhlandticket Sozial und SozialTicket

What is the difference between the Deutschlandticket and the SozialTicket?

The SozialTicket is only valid in the place of residence/in the district of the place of residence, thus, for example, in Düsseldorf or in the Mettmann district. We have summarised the other differences for you:



Deutschlandticket Sozial

Price per month

Subscription: €36.22

Individual purchase: €41.20
As of: 1.12.2023

Subscription: €39

Area of validity

District of place of residence or autonomous city 
As of: 1.12.2023

Throughout Germany

Duration of validity

As subscription, can be cancelled monthly

As an individual purchase: for one month only

Subscription which can be cancelled monthly

How is it available?

As chip card or as a monthly individual purchase (tokens)

As chip card

Where is it available?

As subscription:
Rheinbahn Customer Centre,

As an individual purchase:
Rheinbahn Customer Centre, machines, Rheinbahn distribution partners

Rheinbahn App*,, Rheinbahn Customer Centre, Rheinbahn distribution partners (submit order form, ticket is sent)

Questions and answers regarding the Deutschlandticket Sozial

The Deutschlandticket Sozial is a subscription ticket (Aboticket) than can be cancelled each month and is available for an introductory price of 39 euros per month. It is valid throughout Germany on all local transport services. It can be used from 1 December 2023.

As with the regular Deutschlandticket, the Deutschlandticket Sozial can be used throughout Germany:

  • On all networks and with all local transport companies.
  • On all buses, trams, city trains, underground trains and suburban trains, regional trains and regional expresses, for 2nd. class tickets.

The Deutschlandticket Sozial is not valid on long-distance trains (ICE, IC or EC) or for private providers such as, e.g. FlixTrain.

The ticket costs 39 euros per month. It is valid from the first day of the month on which your subscription begins.

The ticket can be cancelled each month: when you no longer require it, the Deutschlandticket Sozial can be cancelled free of charge by the 10th. of each month to the end of the month. If it is not cancelled, it is renewed on a monthly basis.

Example: If you no longer wish to use your Deutschlandticket Sozial from the month of March, you should cancel it by 10th. February.

Those in receipt of:

  • Citizens’ Income (Bürgergeld) according to SGB II (Unemployment Benefit II) and Income Support (Sozialgeld).
  • Benefits according to SGB XII for old age provision and in the event of reduced earnings capacity as well as current subsistence payments outside institutions (Income support/”Sozialhilfe”).
  • Standard benefits according to the Asylum Seekers’ Act.
  • War Victims‘ Welfare Benefits under the Federal Victims’ Welfare Act (Bundesversorgungsgesetz).
  • Housing benefit recipients under the Housing Benefit Act (WoGG)

If you are uncertain:

Ask directly at your local authority in your town or city. You will also receive the required proof of entitlement (carrier card) or information regarding the purchase of a Deutschlandticket Sozial.

You can purchase the Deutschlandticket Sozial subscription from us with this entitlement cad.

It is worth buying the Deutschlandticket Sozial if you travel frequently by bus and train with the VRR (Rhine Ruhr public transport association) in NRW or also throughout Germany.

At the beginning of October, we sent letters with information to all subscribers of the SozialTicket. An amendment request form was attached - this can be sent to us by post (if required, with new proof of entitlement), or easily by email as a photo to

No, this is a personal ticket and is not transferable. Kindly always have valid photographic ID with you in case your ticket is inspected.

Children up to the age of 6 can generally travel free of charge. Nobody else can travel free with your Deutschlandticket or Deutschlandticket Sozial.

The Deutschlandticket Sozial does not entitle you to take a bicycle free of charge. If you wish to travel regularly with a bicycle, you can buy the new monthly ticket for bicycles or the bicycle subscription ticket (Aboticket) for an additional 29 euros per month. This is valid in conjunction with the Deutschlandticket Sozial or another Aboticket.

If you only wish to travel occasionally with a bicycle, it is sufficient to have a bicycle ticket (FahrradTicket) for the VRR, which is valid for 24 hours.

We answer your general enquiries regarding the regular Deutschlandticket here: