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Subscription via app

The Rheinbahn app now offers the subscription via app function. This allows you to digitally order or manage a subscription. You can also convert existing chip cards into a digital subscription with barcode.

Here's how

First download the Rheinbahn app and register once again via "My Rheinbahn" if you do not already have an account (e.g. for AboOnline or redy).

Take out a new subscription:

  • In the "Tickets" section, select the menu item subscription and then order subscription via app.
  • Here you first select the start date and then the desired subscription with the individual options.
  • After entering your personal data and payment information, click on order subscription. You will now find the subscription as a barcode in the "My Tickets" section.

Switch from the chip card to a digital subscription:

  • In the "Tickets" section, select the option "Activate chip card in app" under "Subscription" (Attention: not possible with transferable Ticket2000 and Company Tickets).
  • The following data is now required: Chip card number (alternatively, you can simply scan the barcode on the chip card), the last 4 digits of your IBAN stored with Rheinbahn, your date of birth.
  • Then accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy and click on "Activate barcode". 
  • You will now find your subscription as a barcode under the menu item "My Tickets".
  • Please note that the chip card immediately loses its validity when you change! You can return it to one of our Customer Centres or send it to us by post.

We have clearly reproduced all the steps in the following videos:

In 70 seconds to the new digital subscription
Change from chip card to digital subscription

And what do you have to bear in mind when checking tickets on the bus with a digital subscription?

Just hold your smartphone at the bottom of the scanner in the entrance area - horizontally with the barcode facing up. This applies not only to the subscription via app, but to all digital tickets.

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Any questions?

General information about the Rheinbahn app can be found here.

For further questions or HandyTicket support, please call 0211.582-2828. You can reach us by e-mail at