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Our annual ticket subscription for students

For all those under 25 years of age who attend a general education school or a school college*.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Whether for school or for leisure - the SchokoTicket is valid around the clock.

Free travel in the VRR area 

For all buses, trams, and local trains in the entire network area.

Personal ticket

The ticket is non-transferable, so the student ID should always be carried. For a bicycle, a ZusatzTicket is required for every trip.
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* College students who are also doing an apprenticeship at the same time can use our trainee ticket YoungTicketPLUS.


This is how easy it is for direct-payers to get their SchokoTicket:

Direct payers are students who, as a consequence of living at a short distance to the school, are not entitled to have their travel costs paid by the school authority. The price for a SchokoTicket is 43,10 euros per month (from the 3rd contract 21,60 euros, from the 4th contract 0 euros).

Or: Fill in the order form and hand it in at one of our Customer Centres or send it by post (Rheinbahn AG, P.O. Box 104263, 40033 Düsseldorf).

For students aged 16 and above, the annual submission of a school certificate is required. This can easily be submitted digitally: Photograph the school certificate and send it by email to:

The SchokoTicket is issued to direct-payers up to the age of 25. For students beyond the age of 26, there is YoungTicketPLUS.

SchokoTicket for free riders:

Free riders are students who are entitled to reimbursement of travel costs by the school authority based on the distance of their residence to the nearest school. The basic reasonable walking distance between the place of residence and the school applicable for this purpose:

  • for primary school students, more than 2 km,
  • for students in grades 5 – 10 more than 3.5 km,
  • for students in grades 11 – 13 more than 5.0 km.

Free riders can obtain information about the SchokoTicket and the order form from the respective school secretary's office. The information on the order form is checked by the school authorities and the Rheinbahn. The SchokoTicket is sent to the student's postal address as a chip card.

Price for free riders:


Price level D

Adult child

14 EUR

1st minor child

14 EUR

2nd minor child


3rd minor child


More children


Children of recipients of unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV)