Mobility guarantee

Jugendliche an Haltestelle

Our mobility guarantee

We do everything we can to be punctual and reliable. Nevertheless, delays and cancellations do occur from time to time. In that case, the NRW mobility guarantee takes effect in the event of a delay of 20 minutes or more in the VRR transport system, provided there is no alternative connection.

Alternatively, you can take a cab or an EC/IC or ICE train. Services such as car sharing, rental bikes, e-scooters, electric scooters, or on-demand transportation can also be used as alternatives.

Our real-time information (e.g. on the electronic stop display or in the app) is also used to estimate the departure delay, so you are not forced to wait for the delay of 20 minutes at the stop.

The mobility guarantee does not apply in the following cases:

  • Strike
  • Storm
  • Forces of nature
  • Bomb disposal

Requirements for the mobility guarantee:

  • The local transport that you want to take is delayed at the departure point by at least 20 minutes or it is cancelled and the next possible connection leaves only 20 minutes later.
  • You have a local transport ticket valid for this trip at the VRR or NRW tariff (no long-distance ticket).
  • The delay does not occur during the trip and is not due to strike, severe weather, forces of nature, bomb disposal or bomb threats.


If the aforementioned requirements are met, the following costs will be reimbursed:

  • If you use a cab, a driving service or a sharing offer:
    Between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m., there is a reimbursement of up to 30 euros. Between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. you will even be reimbursed up to 60 euros.
  • If you use long-distance transport:
    For long-distance trains, the additional costs are reimbursed in full without limit.

The reimbursement procedure: This is how it works

If you switch to another means of transportation in case of delays or cancellations, you will have to initially pay for it. Thanks to the Mobility Guarantee NRW, you can have these costs reimbursed – either by digital refund application or as usual by post. You must submit the refund request to us digitally or by mail within 14 days. Attach your ticket (attach a copy if you have a season ticket) and the receipt of the chosen alternative means of transport to the application. That is the cab receipt, the train ticket or the receipt of the sharing offer.

  • Hand in the documents at one of our Customer Centres
  • or send the files by email to
  • or send everything together directly to:
    Rheinbahn Head Office
    Lierenfelder Straße 42
    40231 Düsseldorf

Please note: One receipt is required per person. If there are multiple passengers, the cab fare must be split and each person submits a separate receipt. Example: You travel by cab with three people to your destination (between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m.), the total amount of the cab ride is 75 euros. Each person submits a receipt for 25 euros, which is also refunded. In this case, if you were to submit only a receipt for 75 euros, you would be reimbursed a maximum of 30 euros.

Extended mobility guarantee

Our mobility guarantee also applies if you miss your last connection [link to page connection guarantee] due to a bus or train delay. In this case, we will cover the cost of a cab to take you from the transfer stop to your home. We will reimburse up to 60 euros upon submission of the original receipt.