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Travel the eezy way!

eezy – the simple check-in/check-out tariff makes bus and rail travel very simple: It means you can be mobile throughout North Rhine-Westphalia without any knowledge of tickets or fares.

When you start your journey, simply click the “Check in now” button, confirm your starting stop and off you go. No matter how often you change trains, you only check out again at the end of your journey. The fare is then automatically calculated on the basis of a fixed basic price as well as the distance “as the crow flies” between the start and the destination – regardless of the actual journey route undertaken.

To use eezy, you need the Rheinbahn App. In addition to intelligent timetable information, this also offers you a map function with detailed display of footpaths. This means you travel not just from stop to stop, but from door to door.

Two travel, only one pays!

Throughout December 2023, you can take one person with you for free on every journey throughout NRW!

Pricing information

The price for a journey with in the VRR area is never higher than a single ticket at the respective price level (exception: journeys in 1st class). 

And: No matter how often you travel using eezy: Within a 24 hour period, you will be charged a maximum of 25 euros (in the zone of the Rhine-Ruhr Verkehrsverbund) or 30 euros (in NRW).

A detailed price overview of can be found in the adjacent  chart.

Pricing eezy

Important information for use:

Please note that you need to register once in the Rheinbahn App in order to use eezy.

You can access the registration via the “Meine Rheinbahn” function. The mask for this is not yet available in English.

  • Please enter your data in the corresponding fields:
    • Vorname = First name
    • Nachname = Last name
    • E-Mail = e-mail
    • Passwort = Password
    • Passwort bestätigen = Confirm Password
  • Tick the box “Ich habe die Hinweise zum Datenschutz zur Kenntnis genommen.”
    (consent to the data protection provisions)
  • Click on “Registrieren”

After registration, please enter a payment method. 

To use eezy, you have the choice between PayPal, credit card or SEPA direct debit (only possible if you are resident within Europe). A prepaid method cannot be selected for eezy.

  • The mask for registering a payment method is also only available in German. You can make your selection using the icons displayed.