Notes on the changeover for subscribers

In most cases, the Deutschlandticket is cheaper than the existing subscription - with a larger travel area at the same time.

That's why we're making it easy for you:

  • We have automatically switched your subscriptions* to the Deutschlandticket on 1 May. 
  • If you use your subscription as a chip card, please stick the sticker we sent you on your existing chip card. You will receive a new Deutschlandticket chip card from us in summer 2023. However, you can already use the old chip card including sticker throughout Germany.
  • With the digital subscription via app, the changeover was particularly easy - you will find the new barcode in the Rheinbahn app under "My tickets".
  • Whether Deutschlandticket or another Rheinbahn subscription: You can change to another subscription flexibly at any time or cancel your subscription on a monthly basis. You can therefore also switch back to your old subscription if you have missed the objection deadline for switching.

*Exceptions are subscriptions that are cheaper than the Deutschlandticket, i.e. SchokoTickets and SozialTickets. If you would like to change one of these subscriptions to the Deutschlandticket, please click the button below:

Additional benefits

Please note that the Deutschlandticket does not offer any additional benefits that you may be used to from your current subscription. However, from 1 May you will have the opportunity to book the following additional benefits for the VRR area:

  • Monthly bicycle ticket: The new „Fahrrad Aboticket“ can be purchased in addition to the DeutschlandTicket for 29 euros per month.
    There is also the FahrradTicket, which is valid for 24 hours. 
  • 1st Class Aboticket: For 46 euros per month, the Deutschlandticket can be used in 1st class in the VRR area.