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30-TageTicket (30-day pass ticket)

With the 30-Day Ticket, you can decide when the validity of your ticket starts. So you can be particularly flexible with the 30-Day Ticket because it is not tied to a specific calendar month, and you can choose your start date for 30 days freely as you wish.

The 30-day ticket is available in the variants Ticket2000 and Ticket2000 with validity from 9 a.m., and Ticket1000 and Ticket1000 with validity from 9 a.m. – with the services of the normal monthly tickets and at the corresponding prices. Exception: The 30-DayTicket is always a personal ticket, so it cannot be transferred to another person and you will need to carry a photo ID with you.


With a ZusatzTicket (3,80 €), you can extend the benefits of your 30-TageTicket, such as using first class on regional rail services within the VRR area or upgrading from the selected fare category. Please note that you need one ZusatzTicket per person and additional benefit per trip.