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The monthly ticket for young people with an apprenticeship or internship. For apprentices, trainees and students at academies and institutions of higher education (unless a semester ticket is used), the YoungTicketPLUS is the most reasonable ticket. It allows the ticket owner to travel (personal ticket, carry photo ID with you) as many trips as desired in the entire VRR area (region D) at any time during the day as well as transport of a bicycle throughout the day for the ticket owner.
Bonus from Monday to Friday after 7 pm, all day at weekends, on public holidays as well as December 24th and December 31st. You have the following possibilities: 
  • Take along one additional person
  • In case of a delay you have a mobility guarantee of up to 25 euros until 8 p.m. and up to 50 euros after 8 p.m.

Special features

For those who do not want to buy a yearly subscription for the YoungTicket, it is available as a monthly ticket. The YoungTicket does not include the bicycle transportation.
How to get your personal YoungTicketPLUS?
Simply fill out the subscription application (pdf) and send it to us per mail or hand it in directly to your local KundenCenter (Customer Service Centre).
If you purchase the YoungTicketPLUS or the YoungTicket for the first time we need written confirmation from the school or your training contract as well as a stamp from your school or training centre on the completed YoungTicketPLUS order form.

Prices from August 1st

Preisstufe YoungTicketPLUS
im Abo / Abo per App
als Monatskarte
​(NRW-weit gültig)​
61,05 Euro
71,30 Euro ​20,00 Euro



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