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Ticket2000 – the transferable ticket with many extras

Ticket2000 is the monthly ticket that allows either the ticket owner (personal ticket, take photo ID with you) or another person (transferable ticket) to travel on Rheinbahn. It is valid for as many trips as you like in the selected validity area at any time during the day as well as transport of a bicycle for the ticket owner throughout the day in the validity area.

Bonus from Monday to Friday after 7 p.m., all day at weekends, on public holidays as well as December 24th and December 31st. You have the following possibilities: 

  • Extended validity area in the North or South Region
  • Take along one adult and up to three children under the age of 15 in the respective validity area without extra charge
  • In case of a delay you have a mobility guarantee of up to 60 euros

Special offer

There is a ticket called ‘Ticket2000 9 o’clock’ for late starters: It is valid from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. onwards and all other Ticket2000 features apply.

Ticket2000 as an annual subscription

If you are a late riser or you want to start out later in the morning, Ticket2000 and its nine o'clock version is also available as an inexpensive annual subscription. With this ticket you not only save time and money but you can also enjoy the many additional exclusive benefits for regular customers. So go ahead and get your ticket!

Your benefits:

  • Lower price compared to the monthly ticket
  • Any other person can travel with this ticket because it is transferable unless you want it to be personalised
  • No trouble with forgetting to exchange your ticket monthly - and you don’t have to visit the Customer Service Centre for the eTicket (chip card)
  • Every month you can change the price level at short notice without extra charge
  • Uncomplicated and quick replacement of your lost cards for a small processing charge when you present your identity card
  • Attractive offers and discounts for free time and cultural offers twice a year as part of AboLust, the book of coupons exclusively for subscribers
  • This subscription can be cancelled very easily until the 15th of each month. During the first year we will charge 20 Euro for that, after one year of subscription no fee will be applied
Do you want to be flexible and mobile around-the-clock and enjoy the numerous extras available to subscribers? Then Ticket2000 is a great choice for you. Simply fill out the subscription application (pdf) and send it to us per mail or hand it in directly to your local KundenCenter (Customer Service Centre).



Prices Ticket2000

Preisstufe Ticket2000 Ticket2000 Abo Ticket2000
9 Uhr
9 Uhr Abo
A1 80,80 Euro 71,71 Euro 60,45 Euro 53,65 Euro
A2 85,55 Euro 75,93 Euro  63,70 Euro 56,53 Euro
​A3 89,25 Euro​​ 79,21 ​Euro​ 66,40 Euro​ 58,93 Euro​
B 124,80 Euro 110,76 Euro 95,10 Euro 84,40 Euro
C 164,50 Euro 145,99 Euro 123,85 Euro 109,92 Euro
D 205,80 Euro 182,61 Euro 156,10 Euro 138,55 Euro

Prices 1st class addition

Einzelner Monat Monatspreis
im Abo
A - B​
C - D
A - B​
C - D
1. Klasse
48,20 Euro  86,00 Euro​  42,78 Euro 76,30 Euro 3,60 Euro


 Price for additional use of EC- or IC-trains

Einzelner Monat
Preisstufe A - D
Monatspreis im Abo
Preisstufe A - D
Aufpreis 67,80 Euro  ​  57,60 Euro

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