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Ticket vending machines

Open day and night – easier to use than you think

Rheinbahn provides ticket vending machines at all underground stations and at all major stations. You can get one-way tickets, tickets for four trips, day tickets and additional tickets.
In addition to that you can find ticket vending machines in every train. Ticket vending machines, at the underground stations and other stations
If you want to travel two or three stops you can find it on the list called “Fahrtziele der Kurzstrecke” (stops at short distance). For all other travel destinations within the city you need a ticket for price category A. Additional places you can find on a list “Fahrtziele außerhalb Ihrer Stadt” (travel destinations outside your city). Please, take the price category applicable.
  1. Touch the button for your price category (orange: One-way ticket, blue: Ticket for 4 trips, yellow: Day ticket, white: Additional ticket). The buttons on the left side are for tickets for adults, and the buttons on the right are for tickets for children.
  2. The amount of money shows you the price you have to pay.
  3. Put in enough coins, some ticket vending machines also take banknotes.
  4. As a last step you can just take your ticket and the money you get back. You can now start your trip and please do not forget to stamp your ticket.

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