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The 7-TageTicket (7-Day ticket)

Customers who don’t use our services intensively for the whole month but only weekly can now travel especially cost-effectively with the 7-day ticket. The ticket is valid for seven days from the date of purchase. With the 7-day ticket, you need to have a valid photo ID on you, as it is not transferable. The ticket is only available through the Online-Shop or via mobile ticketing. When printing your ticket from the Internet, you can choose your own start date. With this ticket, it’s not possible to extend the validity area or take along extra passengers. In order to upgrade to 1st class, or take a bicycle with you, one ZusatzTicket (additional ticket) needs to be validated per journey.

The 7-day ticket is only available in the OnlineShop or via Rheinbahn app

Prices 7-TageTicket

Preisstufe A1​ Preisstufe A2​ Preisstufe A3​ Preisstufe B​ Preisstufe C​ Preisstufe D​
22,95 Euro​
28,15 Euro​
29,50 Euro​
42,75 Euro​
57,30 Euro​
71,10 Euro​


The 10erTicket (10 Trip Ticket)

With the 10erTicket you can take up to ten trips and travel more cost-effectively than with the 4erTicket (4 Trip Ticket) or EinzelTicket (single fare). From start to finish, you can change bus/train any number of times within the ticket validity area. The 10erTicket can be used by several people at once – one ticket section has to be validated per person per trip. The 10erTicket is not transferable. The 10 Trip Ticket is only available via Rheinbahn app

Prices 10erTicket

​Kurzstrecke Preisstufe A​ Preisstufe B​ Preisstufe C​ Preisstufe D​
10erTicket ​14,20 Euro 22,90 Euro​ 46,00 Euro​  93,15 Euro​ 102,91 Euro​

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