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Customer rebate model

Enjoy the greatest possible flexibility.​

CompanyTicket rebate model (FirmenTicket)

With Rheinbahn`s CompanyTicket rebate model, you and your employees can ride from your home to work safely and without stress by bus and tram. Your colleagues will receive a personal subscription. The ticket is positioned similar to Ticket1000.
As of a purchase quantity of 50 subscriptions, it is possible to order the CompanyTicket (FirmenTicket). Rebate varies from six to eleven percent in comparison to the prices of Ticket1000– depending on the number of tickets you order.
With our CompanyTicket rebate model, you conclude an agreement with Rheinbahn for the CompanyTicket, which includes the same characteristics as Ticket1000. This offers you a number of benefits: 
  • You facilitate the acquisition of an inexpensive subscription for your colleagues - and that at an even more attractive price
  • You thus increase the attraction of your jobs
  • You allow your colleagues to profit from an added value free of charge for you and thus gain additional privilege as employer
  • You boost your image as an environmentally friendly company
  • You accomplish greater employee satisfaction and thus enhance their motivation as well
Conclusion of a framework agreement naturally brings convincing benefits to your employees as well. Your employees will be delighted, amongst other aspects, by 
  • An low-cost subscription - inclusive taking along a bicycle, which is not possible with a normal Ticket1000
  • A safe, convenient and inexpensive alternative to a car
  • No searching for a parking slot and no parking charges 
  • Flexible mobility around the clock – also in the leisure time 
  • Your personal contribution to the environment and climate protection by using our buses and trams 
  • Mobility guarantee before 8 p.m. up to euro 25 and as of 8 p.m. up to euro 50

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