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Children in bus and tram

Apart from the information about the right tickets and tariffs, the decision if a child should ride alone on our system is certainly the most important. As of what age a child can travel alone by bus and tram is difficult to determine and varies from child to child.


Children mostly start with their first independent rides when they move up to a secondary school. Before the first trip, you should ride along the new route as often as possible together and point out the most important things. Another orientation for new routes is also offered by our electronic journey planner. When timetabling, you have the possibility of printing out a sketch with the map link on which the footpath from the stop to the destination proper is shown.
Should a situation arise when your child does not know how to react – getting lost or getting out at the wrong stop, for example, our bus and tram drivers will naturally be the first persons your child can address. The service staff in and around underground stations will be pleased to offer their help as well.

Children in the VRR region

Children aged six and over require tickets at child rates. From the age of 15 upwards the adult rates apply. Children under the age of six travel without any additional charges if they do not travel on their own. There is no extra charge for prams/buggies in the VRR.

Children may only travel alone by bus or rail from the age of six and over. Children under the age of six must always be accompanied by someone else: Either by an adult or by another child who is older than six. The only exception: Children who are not yet six years old but who already go to school may use local public transport without accompaniment.


Should you already hold a MonatsTicket (MonthlyTicket), you can naturally take your child (up to 15 years of age) as of 7 p.m. and at weekends for the whole day on your ticket.



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