Easier changeover and less waiting

The RheinTakt enables us to offer even more reliable and attractive local transport in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

Faster ​to your destination:

  • Adapted cycle

  • Better connections

  • Optimised lines

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    The journey planner:

    Do you want to know the best way to get from A to B? You can find all the new connections in the journey planner. Also in the Rheinbahn app, of course.

    The most important changes to the rail network since 7 January:

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    Übersicht RheinTakt

    The following routes have changed with the RheinTakt:

    • Previous route: D-Rath S – Benrath Betriebshof
    • New route: D-Rath S – Hellriegelstraße

    • Previous route: Ratingen Mitte – Hellriegelstraße
    • New route: Ratingen Mitte – Benrath Betriebshof

    This line will be discontinued.

    • The existing U74 service will be completely taken over by the U76 line.
    • The U76 will run correspondingly more frequently.

    • Previous route: Krefeld, Rheinstraße – Handelszentrum/Moskauer Straße
    • New route: Krefeld, Rheinstraße – Holthausen

    • Previous route: Am Seestern – Holthausen
    • New route: Am Seestern – Lierenfeld, Betriebshof

    • Previous route: Gerresheim, Krankenhaus – Benrath, Betriebshof
    • New route: Gerresheim, Krankenhaus – Hellriegelstraße

    • Previous route: DOME / Am Hülserhof – Am Steinberg
    • New route: DOME / Am Hülserhof – Vennhauser Allee

    • Previous route: D-Unterrath S – Eller, Vennhauser Allee
    • New route: D-Unterrath S – Am Steinberg / Merowingerstraße

    • Previous route: St-Vinzenz-Krankenkaus – Hubbelrath
    • New route: St-Vinzenz-Krankenkaus – Am Püttkamp

    • Previous route: Düsseldorf Hbf – Knittkuhl – Mettmann, Jubiläumsplatz
    • New route: Düsseldorf Hbf – Mettmann, Jubiläumsplatz (Knittkuhl is no longer approached)

    • Previous route: Wuppertal, Vohwinkel – Urdenbach, Josef-Kürten-Platz
    • New route: Wuppertal, Vohwinkel – D-Benrath S

    You can find the new frequency of your favourite lines in the timetables

    Simple planning:

    The new timetable is also integrated in the MobilityMap. Simply click on the image and find out about your new connections.

    MobilityMap RheinTakt

    New route network plans