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On your way with a pushchair

In the past few years, we have constantly been updating our fleet of trams and buses as well as the stops. In the meantime, only low-floor buses and trams are used, so that getting on and off vehicles is also simplified for passengers on their way with a pushchair.
In order to use our buses and trams in an uncomplicated manner as possible, we have put together some important details for you:

In the city rail area and underground

For getting on, please use the door with the appropriate symbols; they are to be found in the central segment of the vehicle. Here, the crossbars have been removed to facilitate getting on with a pushchair. You recognise this door on the outside by the flashing light appointed above it (it flashes when the door is opened).

In our low-floor trams

Passengers with pushchairs should board at the front door. There is a second door-opening button with a wheelchair symbol there. Once this button is actuated, the door remains open and can only be closed again by the driver.
There is room for wheelchairs or pushchairs opposite the door area. Please take care to ensure the pushchair is adequately secured when “parking” it.

In our buses

In our low-floor buses, we offer room for pushchairs and wheelchair users on the right next to the second door or opposite the second door.
If you want to alight, please press the button with the wheelchair or pushchair symbol well before reaching the stop. The driver will then drive right up to the kerb at the next stop and slightly lower the bus on the door side, so that getting on and off will mostly work unaided.

Should help be needed when getting on or off one of our vehicles and you do not find a fellow passenger willing to help, then please ask our driver.

You will find an overview with all barrier-free stops in and around Düsseldorf and further information in this brochure:

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