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Customer Service Centre

We will take care of your problems and support you in all our Customer Service Centres

Get your ticket online

Tickets are available at the Rheinbahn Customer Service Centre, at a lot of different shops and kiosks or automatic vending machines at different stops. You can also always ask the driver for a ticket. ​

Tickets for visitors and tourists

If you are a tourist, visitor or on official business in Düsseldorf, you can reach your destination by bus and tram very stress-free. We offer you various tickets you should take advantage of. Please decide on your own which ticket fulfils your desires. It depends on the length of your stay. You might only be here for a day, a weekend or perhaps for a longer time.

TagesTicket (day ticket)

If you just want to stay in Düsseldorf for a whole day, the day ticket should be your first choice. This ticket enables you to use buses and trams for a whole day. The ticket can be bought for a single person but also for groups of up to five people for price category A to D.


As a tourist the DüsseldorfCard is a very low-priced and convenient way to explore Düsseldorf. You have free entrance to museums, different sights and activities. You can visit the theatre and various musical events for a huge discount. Another nice aspect is to explore the Rhine River. This ticket allows you to use buses and trams within Düsseldorf.  | more


Are you looking for a hotel or a place to stay in Düsseldorf? Then we suggest one of these hotels. Your hotel ticket for your room permits you to travel through Düsseldorf and the whole area of the Rhine-Ruhr Transport Association (VRR). | more

Information for the different price categories

For a ride within, for example, Düsseldorf, you need a ticket price category A. In the close range (usually just three stops) you can get a ticket for short rides (more information is available at the different stops). Tickets for price category B includes one city and all surrounding cities. A B-ticket for Düsseldorf  includes Düsseldorf, Ratingen/Heiligenhaus, Mettmann/Wülfrath, Erkrath/Haan/Hilden, Neuss/Kaarst, Meerbusch and  Duisburg Mitte/Süd. Rheinbahn is part of the Rhine-Ruhr Transport Association (VRR). Prices and tickets are the same for the whole VRR region. The following tickets are valid in all buses, trams, undergrounds, suburban trains and in local DB traffic meaning RegionalExpress and RegionalBahn. | more

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