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Rheinbahn and some hotels work together to offer you a special combination ticket: If you stay at one of these specific hotels, you can use your room ticket for the hotel to travel in and around Düsseldorf in the whole Rhine-Ruhr Transport Association (VRR) region. The special labelled room ticket for the hotel is valid for bus, tram and train and is equal to the price category D.
This co-operation enables you to use the public transport system within and outside Düsseldorf – you travel very easily. Visitors do not have to worry about different price categories and the right ticket. They can just jump on a bus or tram, enjoy a nice trip and get to know this exciting city.
This personalised ticket is valid from the day of arrival until the day of departure for all buses, trains and trams in the VRR region as well as for the railway traffic of Deutsche Bahn (not including IC/EC and ICE trains). Nothing can stop you exploring the region, for example, the shopping centre in Oberhausen or discover the nightlife in Düsseldorf “Altstadt”.

Participating hotels

​Hotel Adresse​ Haltestelle​
Bahn-Hotel​ Karlstraße 74,
40210 Düsseldorf​
​Central Hotel Düsseldorf ​Scheurenstraße 3,
40215 Düsseldorf
Concorde Hotel Ascot Schönaustraße 15,
40625 Düsseldorf​
​City Loung Hotel Düsseldorf ​Herzogstraße 93,
40215 Düsseldorf​
Hotel Am Hofgarten​ Arnoldstraße 5,
40479 Düsseldorf​
Hotel Bismarck​ Bismarckstraße 97,
40210 Düsseldorf​
​Hotel Beyer ​Scheurenstraße 57,
40215 Düsseldorf
Hotel CVJM​ Graf-Adolf-Straße 102,
40210 Düsseldorf​
Hotel Haus am Zoo​ Sybelstraße 21,
40239 Düsseldorf​
Hotel Haus Hillesheim​ Jahnstraße 19,
40215 Düsseldorf​
Hotel Haus Litzbrück​ Bahnhofstraße 33,
40489 Düsseldorf​
Angermund S​
Hotel Lessing​ Volksgartenstraße 6,
40227 Düsseldorf​
Hotel Haus Mooren
​Witzelstraße 78,
40225 Düsseldorf
​Hotel Petersburg ​Jahnstraße 33a,
40215 Düsseldorf
Hotel Rheinischer Hof​ Am Poth 2a,
40625 Düsseldorf​
Gerresheim, Rathaus​
Hotel Rosenhof​ Bahnhofstraße 2,
40489 Düsseldorf​
Angermund S​
Hotel Schumacher​ Worringer Straße 55,
40211 Düsseldorf​
Düsseldorf Wehrhahn S​
Hotel Waldesruh​ Am Wald 6,
40597 Düsseldorf​
InterCity Hotel Düsseldorf​ Graf-Adolf-Straße 81-87,
40210 Düsseldorf​
Karolinger Hotel​ Karolingerstraße 104,
40223 Düsseldorf​
Düsseldorf-Bilk (S)​
Max Hotel Garni​ Adersstraße 65,
40215 Düsseldorf​
City Lounge Hotel Düsseldorf Herzogstraße 93,
40215 Düsseldorf​
Waldhotel Unterbach​ Rathelbeckstraße 319,
40627 Düsseldorf​
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