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From late to early through Düsseldorf

You can enjoy the long evenings in and around Düsseldorf with our NightExpress (NE) so called NachtExpress – at the weekend and before holidays – untroubled, safe and without having to look for parking space. On Friday and Saturday night as well as before holidays, our NightExpress will bring you to the most popular leisure spots in the Altstadt (the old part of the city), Hafen (Düsseldorf Port), Ronsdorfer Straße with party locations, the central railway station and to various parts of Düsseldorf.
Our NightExpress lines run ideal intervals for you to make the night to day. The lines U74, U75, U79, NE3, NE7 and NE8 run every 30 minutes between 1-4 a.m., the lines NE1, NE2, NE4 and NE6 do their rounds hourly. Lines NE1-NE8 have an hourly connection guarantee amongst each other as well as to line U74 at the Düsseldorf central railway station, the starting point of our NE lines. Naturally, connections can be made to the RegionalExpress as well as to the S-Bahn (city railway).
A NightExpress line runs not only in Düsseldorf, but in Meerbusch as well. The line NE830 starts hourly, with connection guarantee from line U75, at the “Handweiser” stop via Strümp up to the “Lank Kirche” stop.
On our NE lines you will profit from the following services: 
  • With our service “request stop”, it is possible that our drivers will also let you get off between two stops on all NE lines. However, this will only work if the traffic situation permits.
  • You can order a taxi through our driver - the so called “Taxiruf” (taxi call) service. The taxi will then be waiting for you at your destination.
  • And we also take care of your safety, so that you can travel at night carefree. Many of our stops have video surveillance. Moreover, additional staff is provided on the spot; emergency calls can also be made from our vehicles and there is also the possibility of direct communication of our drivers to the control centre.
Linie​ ​Fahrweg
NE1​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Derendorf – Unterrath – Lichtenbroich
NE2​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Mörsenbroich – Rath – Unterrath​
NE3​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Altstadt – Düsseltal – Rath – Oberrath​
NE4​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Altstadt – Flingern – Grafenberg – Gerresheim – Ronsdorfer Str. – Düsseldorf Hbf (nur diese Richtung!)​
NE5​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Eller Süd – Vennhausen – Eller – Unterbach – Uni-Kliniken – Düsseldorf Hbf (nur diese Richtung!)​
NE6​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Eller Süd – Vennhausen – Eller – Unterbach – Uni-Kliniken – Düsseldorf Hbf (nur diese Richtung!)​
NE7​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Heinrich-Heine-Allee – Bilk – Universität – Reisholz – Benrath - Urdenbach​
NE8​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Unterbilk – Hafen – Bilk – Volmerswerth​
U71 Mörsenbroich – Altstadt – Bilk – Uni-Kliniken – Hothausen – Benrath​
U72 ​Volmerswerth – Altstadt – Flingern – Oberrath – Ratingen
U74​ Lörick – Oberkassel – Heinrich-Heine-Allee – Düsseldorf Hbf – Oberbilk – Holthausen​
U75 Neuss – Oberkassel – Heinrich-Heine-Allee – Düsseldorf Hbf – Eller​
U76 ​Düsseldorf Hbf – Altstadt – Lörick – Meerbusch – Krefeld​
U79​ Düsseldorf Hbf – Heinrich-Heine-Allee – Stockum – Kaiserswerth – Wittlaer​
830​ D-Handweiser – Büderich, Kirche – Auf der Gath – Meerbusch, Hauptstraße – Meerbusch-Lank, Kirche

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