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Many ways to travel

RegionalExpress (RE – regional express trains)

The RegionalExpress trains allow you to travel longer distances between cities quickly and comfortably.


RegionalBahn (RB – regional trains)

RegionalBahn trains usually connect cities with the surrounding areas and stop at all stations.


S-Bahn (S – suburban trains)

The S-Bahn routes form the backround of the rail network in the VRR and serve all stations along the main traffic corridors.


Stadtbahn (U – underground)

Stadtbahn trains run at high frequencies and travel below ground or on tracks above ground, which makes them a great way to get around without being slowed down by traffic.


SchnellBus (SB – express bus)

SchnellBus lines run wherever train tracks are not available and connect central locations as directly as possible.


Straßenbahn (tram)

Trams complement the underground lines. Local descriptions such as „Tram" are customary.



Buses are an ideal way to get around within cities and neighbouring regions. A closely spaced network of bus stops make sure you will never have to walk too far. Some regional bus lines may have special description such as „Ortsbus" (O - local bus).


NachtExpress (NE - night express)

NachtExpress buses and regional trains help you get around after hours - along with regular RegionalExpress, RegionalBahn and S-Bahn trains. As a rule, NachtExpress vehicles run every 60 minutes at weekends and before holidays, departing from central train stations and bus malls and going to the outlying areas or neighbouring cities.



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