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Get your ticket in the twinkling of an eye!

Step 1: Downloading the app

We have customised our app to run under the following operating systems: Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Simply download this free app from your app store.
Once you have installed our app on your smartphone, run an update to install the ticket purchasing function. Note: Charging tickets to your mobile phone bill is not supported by the Windows operating system.

Step 2: Registering to buy tickets

As a new customer, you are given the opportunity to charge your tickets to your mobile phone bill. You will automatically be directed to the registration when you purchase tickets using the Rheinbahn app. Your phone number will be transmitted when you register. For this procedure, you must be connected to your mobile network (no Wi-Fi connection).

If you would prefer to pay for your tickets by credit card, direct debit or using the prepaid method, simply register on When registering, please specify some form of personal identification, such as a German ID card, an EU passport or a debit or credit card. Together with your ticket, you must always present this form of personal ID to the ticket inspector as proof of identity.
You can start using the app to buy tickets as soon as you’ve registered. If you have already registered with HandyTicket Deutschland for a different app, there’s no need to register again to be able to use the Rheinbahn App.
Note on data protection: We guarantee that your personal data will be handled in a careful manner. In particular, your data will not be disclosed to third parties.

Step 3: Buying tickets

The app offers two different ways to purchase tickets:
  • Direct purchase: go to the “Tickets” menu, select and buy your ticket.
  • Purchasing via the timetable: Once you have put together a route using the timetable, the app then automatically offers you the appropriate ticket.
After having completed your purchase, a ticket with a bar code is sent to the app, which you can show to the ticket inspector. Please note that tickets are immediately valid for travel after purchase. When purchasing the 4erTicket or 10erTicket (4-Trip Ticket or 10-Trip Ticket), the first ride is already automatically validated.
Important: There is a danger of you finding yourself in an area with bad mobile reception when you make your purchase, so please check that your ticket with bar code is actually on your smartphone before you start your journey.

Step 4: Paying

With our new app feature, you can now pay for your tickets in one of four ways. Take your pick:
  • Mobile phone bill (for new customers)
    For users with an existing mobile phone contract, the ticket price will be listed on your next mobile phone bill and redeemed directly from the mobile phone company. For prepaid customers, an automatic check will be made when purchasing if the credit is sufficient for the ticket purchase. Only then will the desired ticket be issued.
  • Direct debit: Specify your bank account details when registering with HandyTicket Deutschland. Money will be deducted from your account when the value of the tickets you have purchased exceeds €20. If you don’t use this payment method that often and don’t reach this minimum, the value of your purchases will be deducted once a month.
  • Credit card: Specify your credit card details when registering with HandyTicket Deutschland. The price of your tickets will be charged automatically to your credit card (see your monthly bill).
  • Prepaid method: Pay a sum of at least €5 up front (prepay) and you can then use up your credit as you go.Information about paying for pay-as-you-go credit:
Account holder: LogPay Financial Service GmbH
IBAN: DE51501103002910044106
Name of bank: DVB Bank SE
Payment reference: Your mobile phone number registered with HandyTicket Deutschland
No matter which method you use to pay, our app provides you with a summary of all the tickets you have bought. For more information, you go to the customer portal of HandyTicket Deutschland, you can find a detailed monthly listing of all your ticket purchases. 

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