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If you stay at one of our partner hotels, you can use your room ticket to travel in and around Düsseldorf in the whole VRR region​.


The DüsseldorfCard is the cheapest and simplest way of getting to know the city.

Tickets at a glance

The perfect ticket for heavy user | more

All in all useful and advantageous | more 

For people from the age of 60 years | more

The ticket for apprentice and trainee | more 

Single fare Ticket (EinzelTicket)
Perfect for one person | more
Day Ticket (TagesTicket)
Traveling as often as possible | more
Trip Ticket (4erTicket)
The favourable ticket for more trip | more
7-DayTicket (7-TageTicket)
A whole week on the way | more 
10 Trip Ticket (10erTicket)
Ten trip – one ticket | more
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Service and selling points

Get a ticket at our vending machines

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NRW tickets and price levels

Information about NRW tickets 

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All about the price levels 

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