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Tickets are available at the Rheinbahn Customer Service Centre, at a lot of different shops and kiosks or automatic vending machines at different stops. You can also always ask the driver for a ticket. ​

Tickets For Occasional Travellers

EinzelTicket (Single Fare Ticket) 

Valid from point of purchase to desired destination within the ticket validity area. Transfers included (not valid for round and return trips). Also available for short trips

Maximum validity time

Price levels​ Period of validity after stamping​
A​ up to 90 minutes​
B​ ​up to 2 hours
C​ up to 3 hours​
D​ up to 4 hours​

The Short Trip („Kurzstrecke“) is valid for up to three stops after access of tram or bus (exception: bus lines that use motorways). Changing tram or bus is not possible with this ticket, validity time is up to 20 minutes after purchase or devaluation.

Current price EinzelTicket (Single Trip)

A​1/A2/A3 ​B C ​D
EinzelTicket adult 2,70 Euro 5,80 Euro ​12,10 Euro 15,00 Euro
EinzelTicket child*​    ​1,60 Euro ​ ​
​Short Trip („Kurzstrecke“) ​1,60 Euro
* Children between 6 and 14 years.

4er Ticket (Trip Ticket) 

Up to 14percent cheaper than the EinzelTicket (Single Fare Ticket) . Good for four single fares including required transfers within the ticket validity area (not valid for round or return trips)

Current prices 4erTicket

​A1/A2/A3 ​B ​C ​D
4erTicket adult 10,00 Euro 20,90 Euro ​42,80 Euro 52,20 Euro
4erTicket children​* ​5,90 Euro
​Short Trip („Kurzstrecke“) ​5,90 Euro
  * Children between 6 and 14 years.

TagesTicket (Day Ticket)

If you need a ticket for a whole day for bus or train, choose the day ticket for one person or up to five persons. 

Current Prices TagesTicket

Price level
Price level ​B​ Price level ​C​ Price level D​
TagesTicket, 1 person
6,80 Euro​ 13,90 Euro​ 23,60 Euro​ 28,40 Euro​
TagesTicket, 2 persons ​10,00 Euro 17,60 Euro​ ​27,80 Euro ​33,30 Euro
TagesTicket, 3 persons 13,20 Euro​ 21,30 Euro​ 32,00 Euro​ 38,20 Euro​
TagesTicket, 4 persons 16,40 ​Euro​ 25,00 Euro​ 36,20 Euro 43,10 Euro
​TagesTicket, 5 persons ​19,60 Euro 28,70 Euro​ 40,40 Euro 48,00 Euro​